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2SJ125 JFET P-Channel 50 V -1.0~-3.0mA SOT-23 marking JC low frequency voltage amplifier

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Product description
Drain-Source Voltage
50 V
Gate-Source Voltage
50 V
Drain Current
Gate-Source Cut-off Voltage
Power Dissipation
Description & Applications < FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTOR > P channel junction type for low frequency amplify application 2SJ125 FOR LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFY APPLICATION P CHANNEL JUNCTION TYPE DESCRIPTION 2SJ125 is a small type resin sealed P channel junction type FET. It is especially designed for low frequency voltage amplify,analog switch application. FEATURE Small type for mounting. High lyfsl lyfsl = 4mS(typ) Low RDS(ON) RDS(ON)=220 Ω APPLICATION General purpose voltage amplify,analog switch circuit for stereo,cassette deck,VCR.
描述与应用 <场效应晶体管> P沟道结型 低频放大应用 2SJ125 对于低频放大应用 P通道结型 说明 2SJ125是一个小密封型树脂P沟道结型场效应管。它是专为低频电压放大,模拟开关应用。 特点 小安装类型。 高lyfsl lyfsl = 4mS(典型值) 低RDS(ON)的RDS(ON)=220Ω 应用 通用电压放大,模拟开关电路立体声,盒式录音机,录像机。
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