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Array-Ferrite Bead BLA3216B221SD4T1M0-07 1206-221 4(0603)

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Product description
阵列类型Filter Type2线阵列 2 Line Array
不同频率时的阻抗Impedance @ Frequency220Ω/Ohm
额定电流Current Rating150mA
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance 0.35Ω/Ohm
Description & ApplicationsFeature a1/2 DC resistance than conventional type by latest technology New ferrite material Optimum ferrite firing condition Fine piling technology Advanced coil pattern design technology aImproved stability of performance at heat shock aWide line-up from 10 to 1000ohm(@100MHz) useful for signal line Advantage aHigh Rated Current Good for Miniaturize of high power equipment aLower Voltage down at Ferrite bead Good for Battery driven equipment by saving running voltage margin aHigher Reliability
描述与应用特点 通过最新的技术,比传统型的A1/ 2的直流电阻 新型铁氧体材料 最佳铁氧体射击条件 精细打桩技术 先进的线圈模式设计技术 aImproved性能稳定,热休克 aWide线从10个增加到1000ohm(@100MHz时)有用信号线 优点 aHigh额定电流      适合高功率设备的微型拍摄 aLower电压下降磁珠      适合电池驱动设备的节能运行电压裕 较高的可靠性
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