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HALL IC DN8897S SOH-4D marking 97

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Product description
Sensing Range
-6/6mT跳闸,10mT释放 -6/6mT Trip,10mT Release
霍尔效应开关 Hall Effect Switch
Voltage - Supply
Current - Supply
Current - Output (Max)
Description & ApplicationsHall IC (Operating Temperature Range Topr=–40 to + 100˚C, Operating in Alternative Magnetic Field) Overview The DN8897/SE/TE/S is a combination of a Hall element, amplifier, Schmidt circuit, and stabilized power supply/temperature compensator integrated on an identical chip by using the IC technology. It amplifies Hall element output at the amplifier, converts into a digital signal through the Schmidt circuit, and drives the TTL or MOS IC directly. Features • High sensitivity and low drift • Stable temperature characterstics due to the additional temperture compensator • Wide operating supply voltage range (VCC=4.5 to 16V) • Operatig in alternative magnetic field • TTL and MOS ICs directly drivable by output • Provided with the output pull-up resistors (typ 27kΩ) • “0” gauss point in the zero cross type hysteresis width
描述与应用霍尔IC(工作温度范围Topr= -40至+100˚C,工作在交变磁场) 概观 的DN8897/SE/TE/S是霍尔元件的组合,相同的芯片上集成的放大器,施密特电路,稳压电源/温度补偿,使用IC技术。 霍尔元件的输出进行放大的放大器,将其转换成数字信号通过施密特电路,直接驱动的TTL或MOS集成电路。 •高灵敏度和低漂移 •由于温辐射补偿的额外稳定的温度特性研究 •宽工作电压范围(VCC=4.5〜16V) •Operatig在交变磁场 •TTL和MOS IC的输出直接驱动 •输出提供上拉电阻(27KΩ典型值) “0”高斯零交叉点型迟滞宽度
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