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Ferrite Bead FBMH3225HM102NT 3225-102

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Product description
不同频率时的阻抗Impedance @ Frequency1000Ω@100MHz
额定电流Current Rating2000mA
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance 100mΩ
Description & ApplicationsFeatures: • Power supply units: Large withstand voltage (allowable current up to 6A) Resistant to high energy High reliability • There are several variations of the standard (FBMJ) type HS for broadband HM for upper MHz range applications HL for GHz range applications • The FBMH type is optimal for circuit designs which require impedance and large currents to combat radiated noise on power lines, etc Applications: Combats power line radiated and conducted noise • Provides waveform correction of digital signals and high frequency noise •countermeasures in various types of digital equipment • Automotive • Computer peripherals • Differential transmission line on USB and similar products • Mobile devices which require lower power consumption
描述与应用特点: •电源单位: 大耐受电压(允许电流高达6A) 抗高能量 高可靠性 •有几种变化的标准型(FBMJ) HS宽带 HM上MHz范围内的应用 HL GHz范围内的应用 •FBMH的类型是最佳的阻抗和大电流的电路设计要求 打击辐射噪声对电源线,等 应用范围: 战斗电源线​​辐射和传导噪声 •提供数字信号和高频噪声的波形校正 •在各类数字设备的对策 •汽车 •电脑外设 •差动传输线USB及类似产品 •移动设备需要更低的功耗
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