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FP101-TL PNP+PNP Complex Bipolar Transistor -30V -2A 140~560 PCP4 marking 101 switch and digital circuit application

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Product description
集电极-基极反向击穿电压V(BR)CBO Collector-Base Voltage(VCBO)-30V
集电极-发射极反向击穿电压V(BR)CEO Collector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)-25V
集电极连续输出电流IC Collector Current(IC)-2A
Q1基极输入电阻R1 Input Resistance(R1)150MHz
Q1基极-发射极输入电阻R2 Base-Emitter Resistance(R2)140~560
Q1电阻比(R1/R2) Q1 Resistance Ratio-350mV
Q2基极输入电阻R1 Input Resistance(R1)1300mW
Q2基极-发射极输入电阻R2 Base-Emitter Resistance(R2)Features • PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor/Composite Schottky Barrier Diode • Composite type with a PNP transistor and a Shottky barrier diode contained in one package, facilitating high-density mounting. • The FP101 is formed with 2chips, one being equivalent to the 2SB1121 and the other the SB05-05CP, placed in one package. • DC-DC Converter Applications
Q2电阻比(R1/R2) Q2 Resistance Ratio特点 •PNP外延平面硅晶体管/复合肖特基二极管 •复合型与PNP晶体管和肖特基势垒二极管中包含一个包,便于高密度安装。 •FP101上形成有2个芯片,一个相当于2SB1121和SB05-05CP,放置在一个包装。 •DC-DC转换器应用
直流电流增益hFE DC Current Gain(hFE)
截止频率fT Transtion Frequency(fT)
耗散功率Pc Power Dissipation
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