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Ferrite Bead MLB-160808-0040A-N2 0603-40

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Product description
不同频率时的阻抗Impedance @ Frequency40Ω@100MHz
额定电流Current Rating400mA
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance 200mΩ
Description & ApplicationsFEATURES • Effective EMI Protection A-Series chip beads have a monolithic inorganic material construction that minimizes the effect of electromagnetic interference. • Wide Frequency Characteristics A-series chip beads can generate impedances over a wide range of frequencies. • High Soldering Heat Resistance A-series chip beads have high quality termination that allows the applications of both flow and reflow soldering methods. • Multiple Size Availability A- series chip beads are available in eight compact sizes: 100505, 160808, 201209, 321611, 321616, 322513, 451616, and 453215. APPLICATIONS A-series chip beads can be used in a variety of electronics including: • Computers • Motherboards • Printers • Modems • Hard Drives • CD-ROMs • Audio Equipment • Digital Televisions
描述与应用特点 •有效的EMI保护 A系列芯片珠有一个单片无机材料结构的影响降至最低 电磁干扰。 •宽的频率特性 A系列芯片珠可以在很宽的频率范围内产生阻抗。 •高温焊接热电阻 A系列贴片磁珠有高品质的终端,它允许应用程序流量和回流 焊接方法。 •多个大小可用性 A系列贴片磁珠可在八个尺寸紧凑:100505,160808,201209,321611,321616, 322513,451616,453215。 应用 A系列芯片的有孔玻璃珠,可以使用在各种电子设备,包括: •电脑 •主机板 •打印机 •调制解调器 •硬盘驱动器 •CD-ROM光盘 •音频设备 •数字电视
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