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Ferrite Bead MMZ1608D121BTA00 0603-121

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Product description
不同频率时的阻抗Impedance @ Frequency120Ω@100MHz
额定电流Current Rating400mA
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance 300mΩ
Description & ApplicationsFEATURES • Chip bead(impeder), MMZ series offers 7 construction materials. • Size standardized for use by automatic assembly equipment. No preferred orientation. • Either flow or reflow soldering methods can be used due to electroplating of the terminal electrodes. • High reliability due to an entirely monolithic structure. • Closed magnetic circuit structure allows high-density installation while preventing crosstalk between circuits. • Low DC resistance structure of electrode prevents wasteful electric power consumption. • The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering. • It is a product conforming to RoHS directive. APPLICATIONS Removal of signal line noises of cellular phones, PCs, note PCs, TVs, TV tuners, STBs, audio players, DVDs, DSCs, DVCs, game machines, digital photo frames, car navigation system, PNDs, etc.
描述与应用特点 •芯片珠(阻抗器),MMZ系列提供7建筑材料。 •使用自动装配设备的尺寸标准化。 无择优取向。 无论是流量或回流焊接方法由于可以使用 电镀的端子电极。 •高可靠性由于一个完全单片结构。 •闭磁路结构允许高密度安装 同时防止电路之间的串扰。 •低直流电阻的电极结构防止浪费 电功率消耗。 •该产品不含有铅和支持无铅 焊接。 •它是一个产品,符合RoHS指令。 应用 去除信号线的噪声的蜂窝电话,个人电脑,笔记本电脑, 电视,电视调谐器,机顶盒,音频播放器,DVD光盘,数码相机,数码摄像机,游戏 机,数码相框,汽车导航系统,个人导航设备等。
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