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MRF5711LT1 NPN Transistors(BJT) SOT-143 marking 02Z high frequency

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Product description
Collector-Base Voltage(VCBO)
Collector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)
Collector Current(IC)
Transtion Frequency(fT)
DC Current Gain(hFE)
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage
Power Dissipation
Description & Applications• The RF Line NPN Silicon High-Frequency Transistors • High Gain-Bandwidth Product:fT = 8.0 GHz (Typ) @50 mA • Low Noise Figure NF = 2.0 dB (Typ) @ f = 500 MHz (MMBR571 LT1 , T3) NF(matched) = 1.6 dB (TYP) @ f = 1.0 GHz (MRF5711LT1, MRF571) • High Gain GNF = 17 dB (Typ) @ 30 mW500 MHz (MMBR571 LT1, T3) • High Power Gain GPe (matched)= 13.5 dB Typ) (MRF5711 LT1) •State Of–the–ART Technology Fine Line Geometry Ion–implanted Arsenic Emitters Gold Top Metallization and Wires Silicon Nitride Passivation • Available in tape and reel packaging options: T1 suffix= 3,000 units per reel T3 suffix= 10,000 units per reel
描述与应用•RF线NPN硅高频晶体管 •高增益带宽产品:FT =8.0千兆赫(典型值)@ 50毫安 •低噪声图 NF= 2.0分贝(典型值)@ F =500 MHz的(MMBR571 LT1,T3) NF(匹配)= 1.6分贝(TYP)@ F =1.0千兆赫(MRF5711LT1 MRF571) •高增益 GNF= 17分贝(典型值)@30 MW500兆赫(MMBR571 LT1,T3) •高功率增益 GPE(匹配)=13.5 dB典型值)(MRF5711 LT1)  •国家最先进的技术 精细线几何 离子注入砷发射 黄金顶部金属化和电线 氮化硅钝化 •可在磁带和卷轴包装选择: T1后缀=3000单位每卷 T3后缀=10,000单位每卷
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