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NDS331N MOSFET N-Channel 20V 4.1A SOT-163/SOT23-6 marking 331 high density battery design

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Product description
最大源漏极电压Vds Drain-Source Voltage20V
最大栅源极电压Vgs(±) Gate-Source Voltage20V
最大漏极电流Id Drain Current4.1A
源漏极导通电阻ΩRds DΩ/Ohmain-SouΩ/Ohmce On-State Ω/Ohmesistance0.075Ω/Ohm @3.6A,2.7V
开启电压Vgs(th) Gate-Source Threshold Voltage0.4-1V
耗散功率Pd Power Dissipation1.6W
Description & Applications N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor General Description These N-Channel logic level enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild's proprietary, high cell density, DMOS technology. This very high density process is tailored to minimize on-state resistance. These devices are particularly suited for low voltage applications in notebook computers, portable phones, PCMICA cards, and other battery powered circuits where fast switching, and low in-line power loss are needed in a very small outline surface mount package. 4.1 A, 20 V. RDS(ON) = 0.06 W @ VGS = 4.5 V RDS(ON = 0.075 W @ VGS=2.7 V. Proprietary SuperSOT TM-6 package design using copper lead frame for superior thermal and electrical capabilities. High density cell design for extremely low RDS(ON) Exceptional on-resistance and maximum DC currentcapability.
描述与应用N沟道逻辑电平增强模式场效应晶体管 概述 这些N沟道逻辑电平增强模式电源领域 场效应晶体管都采用飞兆半导体专有的生产, 高密度,DMOS技术。这非常高密度 过程是量身定做,以尽量减少通态电阻。这些 器件特别适用于低电压应用 笔记本电脑,便携式电话,PCMICA卡, 其它电池供电的电路中快速切换和低 线的功率损耗,需要在一个非常小外形表面 安装包。 TM-6包装设计采用铜 引线框架卓越的热性能和电气性能。 高密度电池设计极低的RDS(ON) 卓越的导通电阻和最大DC电流能力
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