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R5421N161C Battery Management IC -0.3V~12V SOT-163/SOT23-6 marking BJ Li+ one-cell protector for battery pack

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Product description
充电管理 过压保护 Charge Management/Over Voltage Protection
Battery Chemistry
锂离子 Lithium-Ion
电压 - 电源
Voltage - Supply
Description & ApplicationsLi-Ion BATTERY PROTECTOR The R5421NxxxC/F Series are protection ICs for over-charge/discharge of rechargeable one-cell Lithium-ion (Li+) excess load current, further include a short circuit protector for preventing large external short circuit current. Each of these ICs is composed of three voltage detectors, a reference unit, a delay circuit, a short circuit protector, and a logic circuit. APPLICATIONS Li+ one-cell protector for battery pack High precision protectors for cell-phones and any other gadgets using on board Li+ one-cell battery
描述与应用锂离子电池保护 R5421NxxxC / F系列是一个电池可充电锂离子(Li +的)过负荷保护IC over-charge/discharge 电流,还包括短路保护,以防止外部短路大电流。 这些IC是由三个电压检测器,一个参考单元,延迟电路,短路保护器,和一个逻辑 电路。应用 锂离子电池组的电池保护 供手机和任何其他的小工具板锂离子电池使用的高精度保护
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