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MGSF1N03LT1 MOSFET N-Channel 30V 2.1A SOT-23/SC-59 marking N3 fast switch/enhancement mode

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Product description
最大源漏极电压Vds Drain-Source Voltage30V
最大栅源极电压Vgs(±) Gate-Source Voltage20V
最大漏极电流Id Drain Current2.1A
源漏极导通电阻ΩRds DΩ/Ohmain-SouΩ/Ohmce On-State Ω/Ohmesistance0.10Ω/Ohm @1.2A,10V
开启电压Vgs(th) Gate-Source Threshold Voltage1.0-2.4V
耗散功率Pd Power Dissipation730mW/0.73W
Description & ApplicationsPower MOSFET 30 V, 2.1 A, Single N−Channel, SOT−23 These miniature surface mount MOSFETs low RDS(on) assure minimal power loss and conserve energy, making these devices ideal for use in space sensitive power management circuitry. Typical applications are dc−dc converters and power management in portable and battery−powered products such as computers, printers, PCMCIA cards, cellular and cordless telephones. • Low RDS(on) Provides Higher Efficiency and Extends Battery Life • Miniature SOT−23 Surface Mount Package Saves Board Space • Pb−Free Package is Available
描述与应用功率MOSFET 2.1 V,30 A单N沟道,SOT-23 这些微型表面贴装MOSFET的低RDS(ON)保证 最小的功率损耗,节约能源,使这些设备的理想选择 使用空间敏感的电源管理电路。典型 应用的DC-DC转换器,在便携式电源管理 和电池供电产品,如电脑,打印机,PCMCIA 卡,手机和无绳电话。 •低的RDS(on) 提供更高的效率和延长电池寿命 •微型SOT-23表面贴装封装节省电路板空间 •无铅包装是可用
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