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RN1108CT NPN Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) 20V 50mA 22k 47k gain120 SOT-883/CST3/0402 marking L7 switch inverting circuit interface circuit and driver circuit

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Product description
集电极-基极反向击穿电压V(BR)CBO Collector-Base Voltage(VCBO)20V
集电极-发射极反向击穿电压V(BR)CEO Collector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)20V
集电极连续输出电流IC Collector Current(IC)50mA
基极输入电阻R1 Input Resistance(R1)22KΩ/Ohm
基极-发射极输入电阻R2 Base-Emitter Resistance(R2)47KΩ/Ohm
电阻比(R1/R2) Resistance Ratio0.468
直流电流增益hFE DC Current Gain(hFE)120
截止频率fT Transtion Frequency(fT)
耗散功率Pc Power Dissipation0.05W/50mW
Description & ApplicationsSwitching Applications Inverter Circuit Applications Interface Circuit Applications Driver Circuit Applications •Incorporating a bias resistor into a transistor reduces the number of parts, which enable the manufacture of ever more compact equipment and saves assembly cost. •Complementary to RN2107CT to RN2109CT
描述与应用开关应用 逆变电路应用 接口电路的应用 驱动器电路应用 •结合成一个晶体管的偏置电阻器的数量减少 部分,这使制造的更加紧凑的 设备和节省组装成本。 •互补RN2107CT的到RN2109CT
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