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Ferrite Bead N1608Z102T01 0603-102

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Product description
不同频率时的阻抗Impedance @ Frequency1000Ω@100MHz
额定电流Current Rating
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance
Description & ApplicationsFeature · To monolithic structure, which is composed of inorganic materials, it is highly reliable. Without the occurrence of crosstalk closed circuit structure and high-density mounting is possible. · N-ZP series up to 2.5A, N-ZEP series of up to 1.0A, N-ZPS series DC power cord to reach the rated current up to 6A The chip beads. - Through the series conduction path into the noise from the power line to effectively reduce intrusion of noise on the power line noise leakage You can attenuate and control. · External power nickel, tin structure, solder heat resistance and provide excellent weldability. · It is RoHS compliant. Use And peripheral equipment, automotive electronics and digital video equipment and computers mobile TV, VCR, DVD Noise DC power cable Printers and Faxes
描述与应用特点 ·为单片结构,该结构是由无机材料组成的,它是高度可靠的。 无串扰的发生闭合磁路结构和高密度安装是可能的。 ·N-ZP系列高达2.5A,N-ZEP系列高达1.0A,N-ZPS系列直流电源线,达到额定电流高达6A 该芯片珠。 - 通过串联插入的导通路径的噪声,有效地降低从电源线侵入的噪声,电力线路上的噪声的泄漏 你可以衰减和控制。 ·外部动力镍,镀锡结构,耐焊热性,并提供优良的可焊性。 ·这是符合RoHS标准。 使用 及其周边设备,汽车电子和数字视频设备和电脑手机电视,录像机,DVD 降噪DC电源线打印机和传真
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