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Integrated Circuit(IC) analog switch MAX4066 SOP-14 marking MAX4066

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Product description
4*单刀单掷 4*SPST
On-State Resistance
Voltage - Supply
Description & ApplicationsLow-Cost, Low-Voltage, Quad, SPST, CMOS Analog Switches Pin Compatible with 74HC4066 Guaranteed On-Resistance: 170Ω max (3V supply) 45Ω max (12V supply) Guaranteed Match Between Channels: 4Ω max (MAX4066) 2Ω max (MAX4066A) Guaranteed Low Leakage Currents: 1nA at +25°C (MAX4066) 100pA at +25°C (MAX4066A) Single-Supply Operation from +2.0V to +16V V+ to GND Signal Handling TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible Low Power Consumption: 0.5µW Low Crosstalk: -86dB Low Off Isolation: -58dB Low Distortion: 0.03% Wide Bandwidth: > 100MHzBattery-Operated Equipment Audio and Video Signal Routing Low-Voltage Data-Acquisition Systems Sample-and-Hold Circuits Communication Circuits
描述与应用低成本,低电压,四路,单刀单掷,CMOS模拟开关 引脚兼容74HC4066 导通电阻保证: 最大170Ω(3V电源) 45Ω最大(12V电源) 保证通道间匹配: 4Ω最大(MAX4066) 2Ω最大(MAX4066A) 保证低漏电流: 1NA在+25°C(MAX4066) 100pA的在+25°C(MAX4066A) +2.0 V至+16 V的单电源供电 V +到GND信号处理 TTL/ CMOS逻辑兼容 低功耗:0.5μW 低串音:86分贝 低关断隔离:58分贝 低失真度:0.03% 宽带:>100MHz电池供电设备 音频和视频信号路由 低电压数据采集系统 采样和保持电路 通信电路
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