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LSK3019 MOSFET N-Channel 30V 100mA/0.1A SOT-523/SC-75/EMT3 marking KN DC-DC converter/low loss

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Product description
最大源漏极电压Vds Drain-Source Voltage30V
最大栅源极电压Vgs(±) Gate-Source Voltage20V
最大漏极电流Id Drain Current100mA/0.1A
源漏极导通电阻ΩRds DΩ/Ohmain-SouΩ/Ohmce On-State Ω/Ohmesistance0.008Ω/Ohm @10mA,4V
开启电压Vgs(th) Gate-Source Threshold Voltage0.8-1.5V
耗散功率Pd Power Dissipation150mW/0.15W
Description & Applications1) Low on-resistance. 2) Fast switching speed. 3) Low voltage drive (2.5V) makes this device ideal for portable equipment. 4) Drive circuits can be simple. 5) Parallel use is easy
描述与应用1)低导通电阻。 2)快速开关速度。 3)低电压驱动(2.5V)使该器件理想用于 便携式设备。 4)驱动电路可以很单 5)并行使用容易
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