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test point OG-909068 SMD

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Product description
Termination Material
镍镀金 Plated Au over Ni base
Description & ApplicationsTest Point for Auto Insertion[HK-2 Series](3.2x1.6 type)(1000pcs/reel) In the case of reflowing by cream solder, recommended mounting land diameter should be more than 1.6x3.2 to strengthen the bonding Material……Brass Finish……HK-2-G ……Plated Au over Ni base
描述与应用测试点自动插入[HK-2系列](3.2x1.6型)(1000pcs/reel) 在膏状焊料回流的情况下,推荐安装的焊盘直径应超过1.6x3.2来加强粘接 材质黄铜 完成...... HK-2-G......镍镀金
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