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Trimmers/Variable Capacitor TZB4S100BB10R00 3.0-10.0pf 4X4-10P

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Product description
Capacitance Range
Adjustment Type
顶部调节 Top Adjustment
Voltage - Rated
Description & Applications Features 1. Miniature rectangular shape: 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm 2. Color coded case facilitates identification of capacitance range. 3. Designed for automatic placement in surface mount applications. 4. Designed to withstand flux baths and solder baths (with cover film type) 5. Can be temporarily attached to PCB with adhesives (Terminal style A and B) 6. Can be reflow and flow (with cover film type) soldering method 7. Stable characteristics over a wide frequency range (Resonant frequency: 1000MHz min. / 6pF) Applications 1. Car audio systems 2. Cordless telephones 3. Hybrid ICs 4. Pagers 5. Remote keyless entry systems 6. Tuner packs 7. Surveillance cameras 8. DVD 9. Burglarproof devices
描述与应用特点 1。微型矩形形状: 4.0(W)X4.5(L)X3.0(H)毫米 2。颜色编码的情况下,有利于识别 电容范围。 3。专为自动放置在表面贴装 的应用程序。 4。设计承受通量浴场和焊料浴 (覆盖膜型) 5。可以暂时连接到印刷电路板用粘合剂 (终端型A和B) 6。可以回流和流量(覆盖膜型) 焊接方法 7。在很宽的频率范围内的稳定的特性 (谐振频率:1000MHz的最小/6PF)  应用 1。汽车音响系统2。无绳电话 3。混合集成电路4。寻呼机 5。遥控无钥匙进入系统 6。调谐器包7。监控摄像机 8。 DVD9。防盗设备
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