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low power inductor LQH31MN180K03L 18H 1206-180K

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Product description
Inductance  18UH
Tolerance  ±10%
Current Rating   85MA
Current - Saturation  
Q @ Frequency  35@5MHZ
Frequency - Self Resonant  15MHZ
DC Resistance (DCR)  3.4Ω/OHM
Shielding  无屏蔽 Unshielded
Description & Applications LQH31M/LQH32M/LQH43M (N) Series LQH31M series consists of wound type chip coils using Murata's original ferrite core and auto winding technology. Features 1. Wide inductance range from 0.15 to 100 micro H 2. High Q value at high frequencies and low DC resistance 3. Small size (3.2x1.6x1.8mm) and tight pitch mounting 4. Low DC resistance and large current 5. Both flow and reflow soldering heat resistance
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