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low power inductor LK2125220K 22UH 0805-220K

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电感值Inductance  22UH
误差Tolerance  ±10%
额定电流Current Rating  5MA
饱和电流Current - Saturation  
不同频率时的Q值Q @ Frequency  30@1MHZ
自振谐频率SRFFrequency - Self Resonant  16MHZ
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance (DCR)  1.1Ω/OHM
屏蔽Shielding 无屏蔽 Unshielded
Description & Applications MULTILAYER CHIP INDUCTOR FOR HIGH FREQUENCY HK SERIES Multilayer inductor made of advanced ceramics with low-resistivity silver used as internal conductors provides excellent Q and SRF characteristics. Designed to address surface mount inductor needs for applications above 100MHz. Multilayer block structure ensures outstanding reliability, high productivity and product quality. Portable telephones, PHS and pagers Miscellaneous high-frequency circuits EMI countermeasure in high-frequency circuits.
描述与应用 多层片状高频电感 HK系列 。多层陶瓷电感器间以低电阻率的导体连接而成,提供了Q值和共振频率特性。 。旨在解决表面贴装电感器100MHz以上的应用需求。 。多层结构,具有高可生产性,高品质,可对应高电感值等特性。 。手机,PHS, 袖珍无线寻呼机和无线LAN,其他高频电路,中间频率增幅电路。高频领域的EMI对策。
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