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RN2106MFV PNP Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) -50V -100mA/-0.1A 80 0.15W/150mW SOT-723/VESM marking YJ switch inverter interface driver circuit

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Product description
集电极-基极反向击穿电压V(BR)CBO Collector-Base Voltage(VCBO)-50V
集电极-发射极反向击穿电压V(BR)CEO Collector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)-50V
集电极连续输出电流IC Collector Current(IC)-100mA/-0.1A
基极输入电阻R1 Input Resistance(R1)4.7KΩ/Ohm
基极-发射极输入电阻R2 Base-Emitter Resistance(R2)47KΩ/Ohm
电阻比(R1/R2) Resistance Ratio0.1
直流电流增益hFE DC Current Gain(hFE)80
截止频率fT Transtion Frequency(fT)250MHz
耗散功率Pc Power Dissipation0.15W/150mW
Description & ApplicationsFeatures • Transistor Silicon PNP Epitaxial Type (PCT Process) • Ultra-small package, suited to very high density mounting • Incorporating a bias resistor into the transistor reduces the number of parts, so enabling the manufacture of ever more compact equipment and lowering assembly cost. • A wide range of resistor values is available for use in various circuits. • Complementary to the RN1101MFV to RN1106MFV Applications • Switching, Inverter Circuit, Interface Circuit and Driver Circuit Applications
描述与应用特点 •晶体管的硅PNP外延型(PCT工艺) •超小型封装,适合高密度安装 •结合到晶体管的偏置电阻器,降低了部件的数目, 所以使制造的更加紧凑的设备和降低 装配成本。 •宽范围的电阻值是可用于在各种电路。 •互补RN1101MFV RN1106MFV 应用 •开关,逆变电路,接口电路和驱动器电路应用
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