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low power inductor LQH1N2R2K04M00 2.2UH 1206-2R2

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Product description
Inductance  2.2UH
Tolerance  ±10%
Current Rating  140MA
Current - Saturation  
Q @ Frequency  35@10MHZ
Frequency - Self Resonant   50MHZ
DC Resistance (DCR)  0.7Ω/OHM
Shielding  无屏蔽 Unshielded
Description & Applications  Standard Chip Coil LQH1N/LQH3N/LQH(N)4N Series The chip coil LQH/LQN series consists of miniature chip inductors wound on a special ferrite core and are made possible by an automatic winding technique developed by Murata. These inductors have a high Q at high frequencies and low DC resistance, making them very well suited to enhancing the performance of electronic circuits in video, communications, and audio equipment. FEATURES 1. There are three different inductor types: the LQH1N,LQH3N and LQH(N)4N series. These three series cover a wide inductance range (from 0.1mH to 2.2mH). 2. The series has outstanding frequency characteristics and a high Q value at high frequencies. 3. The low DC resistance permits high current flow. 4. The series has excellent solder heat resistance. Both flow and reflow soldering methods can be employed.
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