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low power inductor ELJNJR22JF2 220NH/0.22U 0603-R22

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Product description
Inductance  0.22UH/220NH
Tolerance  ±5%
Current Rating  
Current - Saturation  
Q @ Frequency  
Frequency - Self Resonant  
DC Resistance (DCR)  
Shielding  无屏蔽 Unshielded
Description & Applications  特点 ●高Q值 ●适合安装 ●允许的范围宽(1.0 nH至1000μH) ●推荐应用 ●CTV,VTR,HIC,硬盘,软驱,无绳电话,便携式电话 寻呼机,视频摄像头
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