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ECS-2532VXO SMD 3225 / 1210 Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillator(Customizable for Requirements of parameters )

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Product description
Frequency Range(F0) 2.000~50.000MHz
Frequency Stability (△f/F)  ±50ppm max.( ±5ppm,±10ppm, ±20ppm,±30ppm )
Frequency Voltage(Vcont)
 1.5±1.0V     1.65±1.35V   2.5±2.0V  
Frequency Adjustment Range(Fvcon) ±90ppm min.(Positive Slop)
Operating Temperature   (Topr)       -20℃~+70℃ (other operating range is available)   
Frequency Temperature Stability  (Ftem)       ±50ppm max.( ±5ppm, ±10ppm,±20ppm,±30ppm )  
Operating Temperature Range (Tsto)    -40℃~+85℃
Supply Voltage (Vdd)  
 3.0V  3.3V  5.0V
Supply Consumption (Idd)  
 10mA max    10mA max   15mA max
Level Output Voltage (Vol max,Vol min)    0.1VDD,  0.9VDD
Symmetry min. to max (%)  

 45 to 55

Load Capacitance (CMOS,TTL)    15PF,  (1~10)TTL
Rise and Fall time (Tr,Tf)    8ns max. (f0≤40MHz)  
Start-up Time (Tst)    10ms max.
Ageing(at 25℃) (Fage)    3ppm/year Max
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