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MA4E2054E-1068T Low Barrier Schottky Diode 3V 20MA 0.3PF MARKING S2K SOT143

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Product description
Reverse Voltage(Vr)  3V
Average Rectified Current(Io)  20MA
Forward Voltage(Vf)  
Junction capacitance(Cj)  0.3PF
Power Dissipation (Pd)  
Description & Applications  Surface Mount Low Barrier Schottky Diode
• Low IR (<100nA @ 1V, <500nA @ 3V) 
• Designed for High Volume, Low Cost Detector and Mixer Applications 
• High Detector Sensitivity: -55 dBm TSS 
• Low Capacitance: 0.30 pF 
• Low 1/F Noise
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