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感应范围Sensing Range 操作点@25G 发布点@-25G 滞后@50G
类型Type 驱动器 - 全集成,控制和功率级
电源电压Voltage - Supply 7V
电源电流Current - Supply  
输出电流Current - Output (Max) 1A
Description & Applications • Supports single-coil full-wave BLDC fan drivers  • Built-in Hall sensor and input amplifier  • Operating voltage: 1.8V to 6V  • VDD voltage speed control  • Soft switching for low noise DC fan motor applications  • Rotor Lock Protection (Lock detection, output shutdown  and automatic re-start)  • Thermal protection  • Tachometer (FG) output  • No external timing capacitor - Reduces the numbers of  external components required  • Low profile package: TSOT26 and U-DFN2020C-6  • Halogen and Antimony free “Green” packages.  • Lead Free Finish/ RoHS Compliant  • 3V/ 3.3V/ 5V BLDC Cooling Fans  • Netbook/ Notebook BLDC fans  • Instruments cooling fans  • Low Voltage/ Low Power BLDC Motors
描述与应用 •支持单线圈的全波BLDC风扇驱动器 •内置霍尔传感器和输入放大器 •工作电压:1.8V至6V •VDD电压调速 •软开关的低噪音直流风扇电机应用 •转子锁定保护(锁定检测,输出关机 和自动再启动) •热保护 •转速(FG)输出 •无需外部定时电容 - 减少的数量 所需的外部元件 •薄型封装:TSOT26和U-DFN2020C-6 •无卤素和无锑“绿色”套餐。 •无铅完成/符合RoHS •3V/3.3V / 5V直流无刷冷却风扇 •上网本/笔记本BLDC风扇 •仪器散热风扇 •低电压/低功率BLDC马达
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