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Integrated Circuit(IC) Multi-Function, Configurable Gate NC7SZ57P6X SOT-363/SC70-6/MAA06A marking Z57

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Product description
Logic Type
可配置多功能 Configurable Multiple Function
Number of Circuits
Number of Inputs
Voltage - Supply
是 Yes
Current - Quiescent (Max)
单端 Single-Ended
Current - Output High, Low
Logic Level - Low
1.65 V ~ 5.5 V
Logic Level - High
TinyLogic ®UHS Universal Configurable Two-Input Logic Gates Description The NC7SZ57 and NC7SZ58 are universal configurable wo-input logic gates. Each device is capable of being configured for 1 of 5 unique two-input logic functions. Any possible two-input combinatorial logic function can be implemented, as shown in the Function Selection Table. Device functionality is selected by how the device is wired at the board level. Figures 4 through 13 illustrate how to connect the NC7SZ57 and NC7SZ58, respectively, for the desired logic function. All inputs have been implemented with hysteresis. The device is fabricated with advanced CMOS technology to achieve ultra high speed with high output drive while maintaining low static power dissipation over a broad VCC operating range. The device is specified to operate over the 1.65V to 5.5V VCC operating range. The input and output are high impedance when VCC is V. Inputs tolerate voltages up to 5.5V independent of VCC operating range. Features Ultra High Speed Capable of Implementing any Two-Input Logic Functions Typical Usage Replaces Two (2) TinyLogic®Gate Devices Reduces Part Counts in Inventory Broad VCC Operating Range: 1.65V to 5.5V Power Down High Impedance Input/Output Over-Voltage Tolerant Inputs Facilitate 5V to 3V Translation Proprietary Noise/EMI Reduction Circuitry Implemented
Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL
TinyLogic®UHS通用​​可配置的双输入逻辑门 描述 该NC7SZ57 NC7SZ58是普遍的配置两输入逻辑门。每个器件都能够被 配置为1-5个独特的双输入逻辑功能。任何可能的双输入组合逻辑功能可以 来实现,如图所示,在功能选择表。设备的功能是如何选择 在板级设备是有线。图4至图13说明如何连接的NC7SZ57 NC7SZ58, 分别为所需的逻辑功能。所有输入已实施的滞后。 该设备是捏造与先进的CMOS技术实现的超高速与高输出 驱动器,同时保持低静态功耗 一个广泛的VCC工作范围。指定的移动设备 工作在1.65V至5.5V的VCC工作范围。 输入和输出是高阻抗,当VCC 0V。容忍的输入电压高达5.5V独立 VCC工作范围。 超高速 能够实现任何双输入逻辑 功能 典型的用法替换两(2)TinyLogic®门 设备 库存减少部件数量 宽广的VCC工作电压范围:1.65V到5.5V 掉电高阻抗输入/输出 过电压容限输入方便5V到3V 翻译 专有的噪声/ EMI抑制电路 实施
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