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UP04111GOL Complex Bipolar Transistor -50V -100mA R1=R2=10KΩ HEF=35 SOT563 MARKING 9U

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Product description


Collector-Base Voltage



Collector-Emitter Voltage

Collector Current(IC)  -100MA
 Input Resistance(R1)  10KΩ
Base-Emitter Resistance(R2)  10KΩ
Base-Emitter Input Resistance Ratio (R1/R2)  1
DC Current Gain(hFE)  35
Transtion Frequency(fT)  80MHZ
Power Dissipation (Pd)  125MW
Description & Applications  For switching/digital circuits
 Two elements incorporated into one package
(Transistors with built-in resistor)
• Reduction of the mounting area and assembly cost by one half
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